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Say no to coffee? Ridiculous thought!

With International Coffee Day online for world celebration on October 1, and all the new research showing how useful it could be in combating problems like Alzheimer’s and diabetes,  why would we give it up?

But if you feel your energy flagging more and more often, consider cutting down on topping up with too much coffee and tea throughout the day. Recent studies show that caffeine has health benefits. But they don’t all point out that the benefits depend on how much–or rather how little you consume.

Taking a leaf from Mark Twain’s quotation on smoking, I find it easy to give up coffee. I do it every day. 🙂

In truth caffeine consumption is a habit better avoided. If it’s too hard to start the day without it, that’s fine. Begin by limiting yourself to four cups a day–and that’s cups not huge mugs, according to The Caffeine Informer, a great site full  of coffee facts and figures.

Why limit your coffee intake?

Your daily dose of caffeine from tea or coffee, according to some research studies, may be what’s draining your energy. It could be what stops you rising and shining in the morning.

And remember the caffeine’s not just coming from your reviving morning cuppa. We Brits get half our caffeine fix from tea. It is in energy drinks, soft drinks, and even in your food so it all adds up.

Like all addictive drugs it starts by giving you a real go-getting buzz of energy . But it’s all at the expense of your own natural brain activity. When you reach the stage of thinking you need another cup of joe to function, then you’re going to suffer those difficult-to-handle withdrawal symptoms and feel dreadful without it in the morning.

What to Drink Instead

You’ll never manage to kick your coffee-drinking habit if you try to change to drinks you hate. Fruit flavored teas are popular but what worked for me was a ginger tea.

Licorice tea also has ginger but is more soothing. Love it but one cup is the daily maximum, especially if you suffer from hypertension. (Just read the label and realized why my blood pressure readings are soaring hehe)

Be careful not to overdose on the ginger teas either 🙂 As with coffee, four cups a day is the recommended maximum.

Another soothing herbal tea is chamomile, good for relieving stress and a far better bed time drink to help you sleep. And that’s another post for next time, when we’ll consider the need for a good sleep to boost your energy.

I’d love to know your thoughts on coffee drinking, for or against and what you consider to be the perfect alternative drinks.

Whisky? As a Scot, I’d have to agree it makes a great hot toddy at bedtime.

Just share your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

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