Keep Fit 3


Nothing is more exciting than to see fast progress toward achieving an aim. If you’re finding you’ve given yourself far too much to do, you’re feeling chained to the computer, and–worse still–the longer you spend working, the less you achieve,

Take a Break

Here’s the third in our series of energy videos. The exercises take a minute to do and boost not only body energy but brain energy as well. Try them out. The video quality may not be great as I had to reduce them so much to load quickly but the exercise quality is unbeatable for giving you that extra zing.

Keep Fit Calf exercises for today:

And the previous two exercises can be found here:

Keep Fit 1

Keep Fit 2

Do they work? Well they’ve been working for me.  My sciatica has gone. I no longer need to sit on my energy ball to feel comfortable. I’ve been catching up with and adding to my workload without increasing the panic and stress.

Just do what works for you–a minute or two break in every hour gets you away from the computer screen. Use the kitchen counter for balance instead of a chair and do half a dozen repetitions while waiting for the water to heat or while answering the phone. Easy.

Let me know  your best energizing tip  in the comments below. 🙂

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