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Find a New Hobby

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Sometimes all it needs is a new experience to shake you out of your rut. A new achievement, a new hobby, a new friend. Do something you’ve always said you’d never do, Sign up for something you’ve always said you’d like to do. And then find the means to do it.

It works. I know it does. I’ve just done it.  When I volunteered to help at our weekend literary festival, I was overworked and exhausted. I was  behind on deadlines. I had no time to spare and I’d promised to help out for three days!

But doing something completely different, making new friends who also love books, being on my feet all day long away from my desk and home environment, suddenly widened my horizons and gave me the zing to crash through my deadlines in days rather than weeks.

Think about it. What would you like to do?

Revive Something Old

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Then my little novella ShriekWeek appeared in a print anthology–thanks to the Wild Rose Press.  I had a box of books to sell. I told myself II was too tired, had too much to do. But friends rallied round and in no time half my allotted copies were sold. Never underestimate the power of print or jolly friends in pubs, 🙂

Have you some previously written blog posts you can fashion into a report to give away to encourage more subscribers to your blog or newsletter?  Just changing your writing style or content can give you a flurry of new enthusiasm.

Try Using Blue

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Blue is the lucky color for brides. It is used to protect against evil in some cultures, and denotes spirituality in others.

According to graphics design site Canva, using blue in your website design and logos helps you inspire confidence, brands you as trustworthy.

Or just have fun with this quick Canva color quiz. Which color perfectly reflects your personality?

Do you agree with the result? Share it and let me know in the comments below.

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