Fast Fixes to Beat Brain Freeze

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I start out  every writing session full of good intentions. Then as the clock ticks round, the energy trickles away second by second. The words won’t come, and the harder I try, the more difficult it becomes to find the right word and even string ideas together. Recognize the feeling?

Maybe you feel drained and despondent. Perhaps you’re doing your writing after a full day’s work and your brain stutters to a stop. Or  you’ve just woken up and you feel as tired as when you went to bed.

Looking for a fast fix? And no, don’t dive for another cup of coffee. 🙂 I’ll show you the reasons why in my next post. Try a few fast fixes to boost your energy.

Duck Your Face in Cold Water

Yes, it works. Remember Paul Newman? He was said to submerge his face in a bucket of cold water every morning. One benefit , he said, was to get more blood flow to his face. It kept his skin taut, fresh and young looking.

Okay maybe not for us all, but it’s worth trying. Simply splashing your face in a basin of cold water will increase the blood flow to the brain. This helps you think and, if you’re a night owl, to stay awake.

Need to know the scientific explanation?

The cold water stimulates Norepinephrine also known as noradrenaline in the brain. This is what triggers our fight and flight responses but also it also works to aid intense concentration.

Hand stands, Head stands

Only for the active and yoga addicts. Done badly this could be dangerous. Safer to lie on the floor with legs straight and feet balanced on a cushion or chair.

For those of us who have been avoiding exercise for years, the Pilates roll down is an easier way to send the blood to the brain

Yay! I don’t mind doing this. 🙂

Try a Mini Workout

A quick workout is fantastic for boosting energy. Jigging about to a favorite pop song or play-conducting a loved piece of classical music will do the trick. You can do a few press ups if you like. I don’t. 🙁

Jumping up and down lightly on the spot is another quick way to pump up your energy and clear away the fog from the brain.

Take a Break

Do something you really love for ten minutes. Don’t try to ‘soldier on’ when you’re feeling exhausted and brain dead. Play solitaire, read the next chapter of that great book. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Nothing like finding focus to regain your enthusiasm. And enthusiasm is one of the best energy triggers around.

What works for you? Share your quick fixes for keeping the words and ideas flowing in the comments below.


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